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: and the annual financial support of: hello, i'm john lithgow. welcome to "american cinema." in 1946, hollywood didn't think a tv screen only inches in size could ever compete with a theatre screen 30 feet wide. movies were king. television was a novelty developed by radio industry. barely 6,000 sets were in use across the entire country. by 1951, it was a new world and television was a part of it. movie theatres were closing in waves, 55 in new york alone. to make matters worse, hollywood was coming apart. anti-trust action dismantled the entire studio system. the monopoly of the movies was over. hollywood's reaction to tv was like one of its plot lines. at first denial, then feeling threatened, followed by fierce competition until embracing the adversary. yet it was television that produced a new generation of movie directors that told stories in new ways, with movies like "the manchurian candidate," "bonnie and clyde," and "mash." the studios didn't disappear; they adapted. and so did the movies. today, we are on the verge of another revolution, as a whole new range of digital technologies w
by aiding secular forces. secretary of state john kerry has urged iraq to take action to stop iranian flights carrying arms to the al-assad regime to iraqi airspace. john kerry made the comments during a surprise visit to baghdad where he met with iraqi prime minister of maliki. >> i made it very clear that for those of us who are engaged in an effort to see president al- assad step down and to see a democratic process take hold with the transitional government according to the geneva communicate, those of us engaged in that effort, anything that supports president al-assad is problematic. and i made it very clear to the prime minister that the overflights from iran are in fact helping to sustain president al-assad. and his regime. >> syriza's man opposition leader has announced his resignation in the latest sign of deep divisions among those fighting president a sad. moaz thank you said he was quitting as president of the syrian national coalition -- he had faced criticism from his own ranks for offering to negotiate with assad. and a further sign of turmoil among anti-government gro
of state is making a surprise visit to iraq. john kerry is pressing iraqi leaders over the war in syria. iraqig them from entering airspace. jane has more. >> the u.s. secretary of state has arrived on his first official visit. not a surprise, but certainly unannounced given the security situation here. he is expected to discuss the issue of syria with the prime minister. particularly the pledge to check the iranian flights going to syria for weapons. iraq has checked out two of those flights since making the promise. there are other issues the u.s. would like to weigh in on, othering the increasing provinces protested what had been going on since december. all in all quite a volatile time just days after the 10th anniversary of the start of the iraq war. the prime minister is grappling with issues inside the country and around the borders. the outbound president will travel there and that much to discuss. stretching from the continent. why are proposed new laws against homosexuality worrying day russians? -- gay russians? >> hello, combat. we start with a look at europe, printing some
welcome to another session of beliefs and believers. i'm dr. john simmons, and as always, we have a scintillating session in plan for you today. we're about midway through the course and we're in one of those transition periods in beliefs and believers. we're moving out of doctrine - well, moving into doctrine, but out of myth and ritual. and we never want to think that we're going to forget the other dimension, so let's keep those in mind - the experiential dimension, the mythic dimension, and the ritual dimension. of course, i'm sort of like kid in the candy store with those particular dimensions, but when we get to doctrine and ethics, i want to talk about those together today if we could, and start right out with the graphics, because when we're thinking about doctrine and ethics, belief and behavior, we're really at the very, very heart of the course. and if you can take a peak at this first graphic, this is it, and in some ways, it makes me a little sad because my heart is in the beauty of the experience and listening to the myths and the rituals we've seen so far in class.
meeting over the weekend with the u.s. secretary of state john kerry returns. he will meet with prime minister netanyahu saturday night and more substantive issues about the peace process may emerge in that particular meeting. but for the next two days, the talks between obama and the 10 yahoo will center on what are seen as shared fears, shared interest -- talk between obama fearstanyahu, on shared -- iran developing a nuclear weapon and a situation in syria which is seen very much as a threat to stability. these will be the issues that will dominate the discussion. is a the studio with me senior political analyst. mike was sending the main ground that these two leaders want to syria.ill be iran and there is a difference in opinion as to how imminent a threat iran and its nuclear program is. are they going to be able to find common ground here? >> yes, it is about how imminent in the threat, and even more important, how to deal with it. president obama insists it will be america that will call the shots on iran and not israel. that is a row, even if it has the right to act on its own
're speaking to earth. so we'll begin with that request, and when all those come together, i've asked john to mix the elements in that creation that is life. >> and i'll play a little drum background for you to do the speaking to the elements. we use a drum a lot just to - sometimes just to entertain the conscious mind, so something else can happen. >> and part of what we teach as the essence of our mystery school is that when anyone is willing to stand forth and do this kind of work, take this kind of risk, what the rest of us give that person is our absolute support. one of my beliefs is there are no mistakes - just sometimes true divine originality. >> often very creative. >> so, would you just ask the air, from your heart, to join us? [drums playing in background] >> from the breath, from the birth, you who lives in our center, and every cell of our being, and within every atom of our existence, ourselves, and still beyond all of these things, farther outside of any boundaries that any of us can even imagine. in you is life, in you is freedom, in you is wonder, in you is life. >> breat
-- his new secretary of state, john kerry, returns to israel saturday. as the president leaves he leaves behind slightly mended relationships, his with israel and israel's with turkey, aid to refugees, and a peace process that shows no sign of going anywhere. >> there have been clashes in leb abonn -- lebanon following the surprise resignation of the prime minister. his departure threatens to dangerous political void. >> the prime minister handed his resignation -- to the lebanese president. it has left many lebanese wondering what is going to happen next. >> i don't think it's going to matter much. they keep on changing but it's the same. i worry about problems happening between people. resign nk governments and are it has left many reassi business goes on as usual. >> some are trying to stay hopeful the party's move could pave the way for a unity government but most don't have such hope. one said the party just bandoned ship. ne accusation accused him of succumbing to pressure to start a fight with hezbollah. a few asked, why now? there is consensus here the root of the crisis lies in
of state john kerry has traveled to baghdad on an unannounced visit that he talks with the premised her. a minister. washington wants baghdad to .top flights the steering coalition refusing to accept the resignation of its leader. ahmed moaz al-khatib stepped down as head of syria's biggest opposition group, saying he felt his hands were tied in the role. ahmed moaz al-khatib led the coalition since september. police say there is no indication of foul play in the death of boris berezovsky. forensic scientists specializing in chemical, biological and radio logical substances found no evidence of unusual activity at the former russian oligarch's home. he was found dead there on saturday. he was once one of rush's demand and opponent of vladimir mansia's richest and opponent of vladimir putin. but hundred 29 people help the far right group, helping with money and forged papers. it was a nazi atrocity that justice forgot. villages massacred in tuscany. it took more than 50 years for the alleged massacre us to be convicted. presidents of germany and italy came together to remember the victim
of that unwanted food to help the poor. old and the great- grandfather settled times over, john retired decades ago. several times a week, he will find him hard at work. boxes and stacked them on a pallet. >> it is food destined for hundred families, through the with otherwise go to waste. >> it is good for me at my age. i need to keep busy. >> she is 72. the aches and pains of age make it hard for her to walk sometimes, but she is hell on wheels when she drives her forklift. >> a lot of people need help. we are helping them. of more than 500 senior citizens who volunteer in sacramento. it was founded 30 years ago. the organization collects unused vegetables from farms, groceries nearing expiration dates, and they'll spread from local bakeries. bread from local bakeries. it is repackaged to feed the hungry. this crew led by 78-year old is harvesting a citrus fruit from her backyard. >> i do not want them on the ground. i want them used. >> 49 million americans are food insecure. that means they may not know where their next meal will come from. thepresident of organization says there's plenty of fo
making the headlines. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry has made a visit to afghanistan. it was a bid to improve relations as the u.s. continues handing over responsibility for security to afghan forces. >> afghan of stories have taken full control of the prison from u.s. officials. washington had repeatedly postponed the move for security concerns. it was the last attention facility in afghanistan run by americans. >> in burma, violence by buddhists against muslims have spread to more towns. they torched a mosque in the center of the country. at least 32 people have died in recent days of the violence. the government has deployed soldiers to the region and has declared a state of emergency. >> china's new president, xi jinping wants to intensify his ties to africa. it is one of hope and promise. on sunday, he signed -- with his counterpart. china, the world's most second -- the second-largest economy gets many of its materials from africa. >> time now for that soccer, as promised. the team has returned to training on sunday following their win over kaz expand. >> that world cup quali
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)